What is an Accumulator ?

An Accumulator is a bet with more than one selection, anything with more than one selection is considered an accumulator whether that be 2 selections or 50 selections. For an accumulator bet to win at a bookmakers you need every of of the selections to win, so if you have four selections you would need all four to win, if one or more of the selection does not win then the whole accumulator has lost.

Creating an accumulator at a bookmakers is really straight forward, you need to keep adding the selections that you wish to bet on and keep adding them to your bet slip. Most matched betting accumulator offers require you to place bets with 5 selections (5-fold) or 6 selection (6-fold)

Once you have added all the selection that you want to the bet slip you need to place the bet, you will have a number of options in the bet slip, Double, Treble, etc, etc. You need to place the stake in the bet slip that you want so if you have picked 5 selections your stake would go in the 5-fold stake box and if you have 6 selections the stake would go in the 6-fold stake box.

The Odds on an accumulator will be larger than the odds we use for normal matched bets, this is because an accumulator adds the odds of all of your selections together. You can see from the picture below I have chosen 6 teams in my accumulator so i will enter my stake in the 6 fold box, and the odds are 15.41 because all of my selections have been added together.

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