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Key Terms

Match: Portugal v France – Wed June 23rd 20:00

Offer: Portugal v France – First Goal Wins
Back a team to win and if your team scores first and goes on to draw or lose, we’ll payout as a winner.

Need To Knows

  • When will I be credited? We will aim to credit within minutes of the First Goal being scored, but please allow up to 24hrs.
  • What is the maximum qualifying stake? The maximum qualifying stake is £/€10 in cash per customer. For bets over £/€10, only the first £/€10 of the bet will count towards the promotion.
  • Which bets qualify? Pre-match single bets (Win/Draw/Win). Your first bet qualifies. Bets on the Draw do not qualify.

Qualifying Bet

Use Calculator in Normal Mode

Place your £10 Back Bet on Either team to win at Betway.

Lay the Selection at The Betting Exchange

My Selection

SelectionBack OddsLay Odds


If Portugal DON’T Score First

Portugal Win£27£27.90£0.58
Portugal Don’t Win£10£9.11£0.58

If Portugal Score First – Option 1

 Hope that your team goes on to lose or draw, meaning that both your back and lay bet will win

Portugal Win£27£27.90£0.90
Portugal Draw£27£9.11£36.11
Portugal Lose£27£9.11£36.11

If Portugal Score First – Option 2

The other method would be to lock in a profit using the early payout calculator:

We Need to Enter the Back Odds for Portugal if they have scored the First Goal

As an example I will use 1.50

So you could “Back” £26.57 at odds of 1.50 to Guarantee a £9.73 Profit no matter what the end result

Portugal Win£27£17.27£9.73
Portugal Draw£27£17.27£9.73
Portugal Lose£27£17.27£9.73

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