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Key Terms

Offer: Arsenal v Tottenham – First Goal Wins
Back a team to win and if your team scores first and goes on to draw or lose, we’ll payout as a winner.

When will I be credited? We will aim to credit within minutes of the First Goal being scored, but please allow up to 24hrs.

What is the maximum qualifying stake? The maximum qualifying stake is £/€10 in cash per customer. For bets over £/€10, only the first £/€10 of the bet will count towards the promotion.

Which bets qualify? Pre-match single bets (Win/Draw/Win). Your first bet qualifies. Bets on the Draw do not qualify.

Qualifying Bet

Use Calculator in Normal Mode

Place your £10 Back Bet on Either team to win at Betway.

Lay the Selection at The Betting Exchange

My Selection

Selection Back Odds Lay Odds
Tottenham 2.8 2.92

If Tottenham DON’T Score First

Tottenham Win£18£18.55£0.55
Tottenham Don’t Win£10£9.47£0.53

If Tottenham Score First – Option 1

 Hope that your team goes on to lose or draw, meaning that both your back and lay bet will win

Tottenham Win£18£18.55£0.55
Tottenham Draw£18£9.47£27.47
Tottenham Lose£18£9.47£27.47

If Tottenham Score First – Option 2

The other method would be to lock in a profit using the early payout calculator:

We Need to Enter the Back Odds for Tottenham if they have scored the First Goal

As an example I will use 1.50

So you could “Lay” £18.80 at odds of 1.50 to Guarantee a £8.85 Profit no matter what the end result

Tottenham Win£18£9.15£8.85
Tottenham Draw£18£9.14£8.86
Tottenham Lose£18£9.14£8.86

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