Money Back Offers

What are Money Back Offers ?

Money back offers should be a part of every matched bettors profit making plans as they are such a good earner. These offers are where a bookmaker will refund losing bets if a certain outcome or trigger occurs.

The most popular sports for these money back refund offers are football and horse racing.

I’m gonna focus on horse racing refund offers and here are just a few offered by different bookmakers…….


Which Horse Shall I Bet On ?

Much will depend on what kind of offer it is as to which horse you should look to bet on.

Generally speaking though, the strategy for horse racing money back offers is to find some tight back and lay odds that minimize our qualifying loss. It’s then just a case of hoping we hit the refund trigger.

Let’s use this Ladbrokes Offer as an Example

Racecard at Ladbrokes

Racecard at Smarkets

The horse with the closest odds is Thegreyvtrain 

We can place a back bet at Ladbrokes for £10 at odds of 5.00

We can place a lay bet at Smarkets at odds of 5.4

Place the £10 Back Bet at Ladbrokes

Place the £9.29 Lay Bet at the Exchange

Maximum Loss of £0.90

The Matched Betting Calculator is telling us that we will make a £0.90 loss if we back and lay Thegreyvtrain at those odds.

If Thegreyvtrain finishes 2nd we would trigger the refund and get £10 back as a free bet. We should aim to extract around £8 from the free bet, so minus the £0.90 qualifying loss would give us a profit of £7.10

Once you’ve done a few of these offers, you’ll get used to picking your horses at a glance. If you can’t find tight enough odds, just forget about that race and move on to the next one.

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the different outcomes…

Thegreyvtrain wins£0.88
Thegreyvtrain finishes 2nd £7.10 profit
Thegreyvtrain finishes elsewhere£0.90  

So, If Thegreyvtrain finishes 2nd we’ll make a profit of £7.10. Any other outcome would mean a loss of £0.90

Are These Offers Profitable ?

In a word………Yes !!!

You will have spells where you are really struggling to hit a refund and it may seem like you are picking up qualifying loss after qualifying loss but the key is to stick at it and try and keep the qualifying losses as small as possible and you will make profit over time.

You might wait 2 weeks to trigger a refund then hit 2 in a row and all those qualifying losses will be a distant memory.

You may well find that different bookmakers run an offer on the same race, this is great news for matched bettors as it allows us to select a different horse this time and increase the likelyhood of hitting a refund trigger.

Many of these horse racing offers are available on a daily basis and they are a terrific way of keeping your profits rising.

Many matched bettors consider these offers one of the best offers available and I agree.

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