OddsMonkey is a matched betting website which provides all the tools and training you need in order to make guaranteed profits from your bets.

We’ve gone into how matched betting works in a separate article. It involves placing two bets: a back bet and a lay bet on a single event. Placing both of these bets together locks in a profit thanks to the free betting offers that the bookmakers give out.

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s a legit way of making money and has even been covered by major newspapers, like this article in the Telegraph.

If you’re new to the idea of matched betting, the whole concept might sound confusing. But that’s where a service like OddsMonkey comes in. It will take you from zero experience and give you everything you need to make several hundred pounds a month!

Let’s have a look at the key features of the site:


When you first come across it, matched betting initially sounds too good to be true. And then it quickly starts to sound too complicated to be possible!

There’s lots of free material that is out there telling you how matched betting works (even OddsMonkey itself has quite a bit where you don’t even have to subscribe).

But nothing can quite prepare you for the nerve-racking moment you place your first bet. And that’s where OddsMonkey excels! Being able to use their step-by-step video instructions to place your first matched bet in a way that means you can hardly go wrong is excellent. It all helps you feel comfortable very quickly.

As you can see above they have everything you need to get started. But even once you’ve been matched betting for a while you’ll still find new tutorials to discover. Their tutorials on advanced matched betting, such as ‘accas’ or ‘each way matching’ can take you to another level.

The jewel in the crown at OddsMonkey is its OddsMatcher tool. It scans hundreds of bookmakers, and thousands of bets to find you the best ones to place.

It’s the tool that we find ourselves using most, by a distance.

The tool looks like the Image below


A trusty calculator is essential in order to work out the lay bet that you will place at the betting exchange. Get this wrong and you may not make a guaranteed profit. Worse, you might wipe out profits you’ve previously made.

OddsMonkey’s matched betting calculator is simple and effective

When you’re new to matched betting, this and the Oddsmatcher tool is all you’ll need to make hundreds of pounds a month.


The key to making money is finding bookmaker’s offers. The bookmakers themselves will alert you to their offers through emails, but it’s a bit overwhelming wading through your inbox and working out which ones are worth doing.

Again, this is where OddsMonkey comes in. It has several pages where you can pick up offers, both for new customers and for bookmakers you’ve already joined. For each offer it tells you how much money you can expect to make and how to do it.

It’s the tool that we find ourselves using most, by a distance.

The tool looks like the Image below.


The amount of users who bet without tracking their winnings amazes us. You’d never invest cash into the stock market without visibility of how profitable your trades are. Betting is no different. OddsMonkey offers its members the option of an in-house profit tracker. We’d recommend you use it.

It’s really easy to use as you can automatically push bets from the oddsmatcher into the tracker but you can also manually add lines if there is stuff you’ve managed to find offline i.e. exploiting in store slips where odds are more rigid or if you’ve done a bit of matched betting outside of OddsMonkey.

What’s more important than knowing what you’ve won though is where you’ve won it. Over time this picture will build up in your profit tracker and it will guide you to the most profitable places to bet!


It’s needless to say that not all 40,000 OddsMonkey members are active on the site’s forum but there is still a healthy amount of conversation that takes place. It can carry a huge impact on how you approach matched betting.

From a cold hard cash perspective, members will highlight any particularly strong offers in the forum which, if used, will have a direct impact on your profit for the day. Beyond that though, there are regular posts that answer questions on all things matched betting. Although there are comprehensive training guides sometimes there is nothing better than having a back and forth with different users to master the understanding and complexity of a topic.

Finally, there is the increased social element. For some people this will mean nothing, for others it is an enormous thing. Either way, you can get involved as much or as little as you want. Regardless of how you use the forum, it can definitely improve your experience of matched betting.



Oddsmonkey really do look after there customers and that is one thing I absolutely love about this site. 

You can grab a free trial where you can make £56 profit from the 3 sign up offers.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a Premium Membership it will pay for itself in no time at all, the monthly fee is currently £19.99 but if you sign up at that price then that is the price you will always pay with the “Price for Life Guarantee”

A Yearly Premium Membership is even better value for money at £180, effectively given you 3 months free if you take up this option.

Oddsmonkey are always adding new software and features to the site and unlike other matched betting sites they don’t hike up the prices for you to use those features.


So, that’s our review done and dusted. How would we sum the platform up? Well, they’ve been fully established now for pushing five years and in that time they’ve built up a healthy customer base and plenty of trust. They’re not going anywhere.

What you get for your money is hard to grumble about too. Their various matching tools and bet calculators are as good as anything out there and, providing you follow their detailed training guides and videos, you can start making money from a complete standing start.

If matched betting sounds like something you want to try then OddsMonkey won’t leave you disappointed.