Price Boosts

What Are Price Boosts ?

Price Boosts are incentives that bookmakers offer when they increase the odds on certain markets to encourage customers to keep betting with them and steal a march on their rivals.

Price Boosts will not make you rich but they are a handy way to top up Matched Betting earnings every week, it is just the bookmakers way of giving you a little extra for your money so to speak.

You have to be quick to get most price boosts, most bookmakers only leave them up for a period of time or until a certain number of customers have taken the boost. If you miss the boost the odds will go back to it’s normal price.

How Do Price Boosts Work ?

Price Boosts are pretty straight forward to do, when the price is boosted it means the back odds will be higher than the lay odds and this allows you to make a small profit. Simply place the Back Bet (Boosted) at the Bookmaker and the Lay Bet at the betting exchange. It’s that simple !!

Price Boosts should not be confused with Arbs, an Arb is when the Back Odds are slightly incorrect and are higher than the Lay Odds, bookies frown upon customers who take Arbs because they are taking away value from them. Price Boosts are an incentive and the bookmaker is encouraging you to take them when they are offered.

Where Can I Find Price Boosts ?

You won’t have to look too hard to find price boosts, the bookmakers want you to find them so they are usually easy to spot, they are often located on a bookmakers home page on a banner or there will be a specialist “Price Boosts” section that you can click.

Another way to take advantage of Price Boosts and offers in general is to “Opt In” to receive email offers with bonuses and price boosts and other exciting features.

Social Media is also another place where bookmakers showcase offers and price boosts etc so give them a follow.

Price Boosts can be offered on any sport but the most popular boosts are usually found on football and horse racing. Bookmakers tend to target customers who watch sport so will offer Price Boosts on events that are televised.

Who is Best For Price Boosts ?

You will find that at one time or another pretty much every bookmaker will offer Price Boosts, it is a good source of income for them after all but most of the major online bookmakers tend to offer the best and most profitable boosts.

William Hill & Unibet are two of the better examples as they offer price boosts every day. William Hill have an offer running at the time of writing where you can get 3 Price Boosts every day to be used on either horse racing or greyhounds.

Paddy Power are another of the major bookmakers who are not shy in tempting you with Price Boosts as well as other fantastic promotions. If you use Paddy Power Promotions frequently they reward you with a Price Boosts every week, this is called a “Power Up”

Skybet come into there own on a weekend when it comes to Price Boosts on football, they offer a number of boosts that you will have seen advertised on the tv.

How to Profit from Price Boosts ?

Find a Price Boost

Firstly you will need to find a Price Boost that you can lay at lower odds to be able to guarantee a profit. Once you have found one you need to place the back bet at the bookmakers (With the Boosted Price) and lay the bet at the betting exchange with lower odds.

Let’s use an Example of the 14.40 at Doncaster, Ladbrokes are boosting Pat’s Fancy to win the race from Odds of 7.00 to 7.50, when we check the “Lay Odds” at Smarkets we see they are 7.2 so this is the perfect chance to profit from this “Price Boost”

Place the “Price Boost” Bet

Placing a Price Boost is exactly the same as placing a normal Matched Bet, just add the price boost to the betslip and enter the stake and place the bet.

Most Price Boost will have a maximum stake listed in the terms and conditions but if this is not visible you will know when you enter a stake as you will get an error message and will only be allowed the maximum stake.

The maximum stake for your Pat’s Fancy price boost is £10.00.

Place the £10 “Back Bet” at the Bookmaker

Place the £11.14 “Lay Bet” at the Exchange

Guaranteed Profit of £0.93

Are All Price Boost Profitable ?

One thing to take into considering “Price Boosts” is that they are NOT always profitable.

If the Boosted odds are NOT higher than the lay odds at the betting exchange then there will be no profit in that particular boost, just ignore it and try and find the next profitable boost.

Many bookmakers now offer price boosts on more than one football match at a time, these are known as enhanced multiples. Many of these can be layed on the betting exchanges such as betfair and smarkets. Just make sure they are profitable before placing any bets.

There may be some price boosts that just can not be layed at the betting exchanges and these are of no interest to matched bettors as there is no profit to be made, these offers are designed and advertised to entice regular punters.

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