Unmatched Bets

First thing to remember is just how the betting exchanges work, you are betting against another person who has the opposing view that you have so for a bet to take place for every bet that you place someone has to fancy the opposite view point.

When you get a matched bet that is unmatched it means that there is not enough liquidity (Money) to oppose the view that you have. If there is not enough liquidity then your bet goes into a queue until someone is prepared to match it. Most odds will eventually get matched but because you are a matched bettor and you are covering both sides of a bet it’s not ideal to leave a bet unmatched.

If your bet is unmatched when the event starts it will be cancelled. This leaves you open to losing money because you have worked out the stake on the calculator on the assumption that both bets were matched..

So How Do I Prevent Unmatched Bets ?

Let’s use this example of a horse race at Newcastle.

We want to lay £25 on the horse “Be Proud” at odds of 3.7 but as you can see from the circled amount there is only £18 available in liability. This means that only £18 of your £25 would be matched. So you now have £7 left unmatched.

You can now do one of two things, you can wait and see if the remaining £7 gets matched at odds of 3.7, although you should be aware that the odds could go either way whilst waiting. the second option is to place the remaining £7 at the slightly higher lay odds of 3.75, you can see from the picture that there is £50 waiting to be matched at those odds.

You need to adjust the calculator, so your stake would be £7 (rather than £25) and the lay odds would now be 3.75. This will give you a new lay stake that you would place at the odds of 3.75.

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