What is Matched Betting ?

Matched Betting is a betting technique that allows you to profit from free bets and promotions that online bookmakers offer to entice you into using there services. There is no luck involved in Matched Betting as you will cover all possible outcomes of an event or match by placing two bets so that they cancel each other out and you win no matter what the outcome. You won’t have to do any of the tricky working out or finding bets yourself as the brilliant Matched Betting Software does all of the work for you.


How Does Matched Betting Work ?

The Easiest way to explain Matched Betting is free bets offered by online bookmakers for risk-free profit. In short, matched betting is placing bets on both outcomes so you are guaranteed a win. In the UK, Matched Betting with free bets from online bookmakers still works in 2021

I already have some Accounts ?

Fear Not.......There are over 80 registered bookmakers in the UK, so you chances are you haven't signed up to all of them. Even so, after the signup offers bookmakers give out reload offers to retain customers, and we have step-by-step easy to understand video instructions for each offer.

How Much Can I Earn ?

Earnings vary depending on how much time you put in. The signups offers are very profitable, and after that you move onto the reload offers. These are offers that bookmakers give out to retain customers. You Can earn between £300 and £1000 a month depending on how much time you have.

I Know Nothing About Sport ?

You Won't need any knowledge of sports or betting to do Matched Betting. There is step-by-step video instructions on all the offers and promotions which if you follow correctly, you will make money. The outcome of the event is irrelevant, so any prior knowledge of sports is not needed.

How Long Does it Take ?

You can do as much or as little Matched Betting as you wish. The more time you put in, the more offers you can do and the more money you will make. Many Matched Bettors are making profits of up to £300 per month from as little as 5 Hours work yet other are working as many as 30.

Sounds too Good to be True

I hear this all the time, Matched Betting is 100% Legal and Legit. Many national publications have featured Matched Betting such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and Money Saving Expert. What's More, the money you earn is tax-free. The reality is that if you invest the time to learn, you will make money.

Two Parts of a Matched Bet

The "Back Bet"

A back bet is a bet for an outcome to come true — you’re betting that something will happen. For example, you can back England to win their next match. You place back bets at online bookmakers like Paddy Power or William Hill.

1. If the outcome happens, you will win your stake x odds. This is the potential return.

2. If the outcome does not happen, you will lose your stake. This is the liability.

When matched betting, you place back bets with bookmakers offering some kind of ‘free bet’ deal, or one you’ve already unlocked free betting credit with.

The "Lay Bet"

A lay bet is a bet against an outcome — you’re betting that something will not happen. This is what bookmakers do when they accept a back bet. For example, if you lay England to win, your bet will be successful should they lose or draw..

You can place lay bets through online betting exchanges like Betfair. These work by matching up users who want to place back bets, who act as the traditional better, with users who want to lay bets, who act as the bookmaker. The exchange makes money by charging a commission.

1. If the outcome happens, your lay bet is unsuccessful. Just like a bookmaker would, you have to pay the punter their winnings (stake x odds). This is the liability.

2. If the outcome does not happen, you win the back stake — just like the bookmaker does when you lose a back bet. You will usually pay a small commission to the betting exchange. So, the potential return on a lay bet is the back stake minus commission.

When matched betting, you place a lay bet that effectively cancels out your back bet, ensuring that you win no matter what the outcome..

How to Place a matched bet

1. Find a matched betting offer that you are eligible to take advantage of...........The oddsmatching software will do this for you

2. Identify an outcome to back and lay. To minimise the initial loss, the odds need to be low and close together — The oddsmatching software will do this for you.

3. Sign up to/into the bookmaker site and place the qualifying bet.

4. Sign up to/into a betting exchange and place the corresponding lay bet. The Calculator software will do this for you.

5. Place your second matched bet, using your free betting credit for the back bet. This time, the back odds and lay odds need to be high and close together, to maximise profits — again, OddsMatcher softeare can help you find the right market to bet on.

Matched Betting Starter Kit

Internet Connection

You can do matched betting on your smartphone. However, in an ideal world, you will have a desktop computer with multiple screens, to make it easier to switch between sites and place your bets at the right times. A strong and reliable internet connection is also important for this reason.

Bank Account

Lots of people use their main bank account in order to transfer money into and out of their betting accounts. However, it can be useful to have a separate bank account or e-wallet for matched betting.

Email Address

You will need an email address in order to sign up to bookmaker and betting exchange sites. We recommend setting up an email address specifically for matched betting so that everything is easy to find — and to keep your personal inbox clutter-free. There are loads of free email services out there, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and Mail.com.


As our matched betting example showed, you will usually need to stake some of your own money before you can start making a profit. We suggest starting with minimum funds of at least £50 although whatever you are happy with.

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